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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  March 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> cutting back, soaring gas prices taking a chunk out of your pocket and forcing consumers to scale back elsewhere. the hard hitting gas prices have become quite a hot topic. panic has spread to washington and consumers are relying on lawmakers to provide relief. >> it is a major downturn in the economy, there is fear that it could suppress the recovery. >> too many times, it is getting ridiculous. >> if you cringe each time you stop develop, you are not alone. gas prices continue to rise following the unrest in the middle east. >> it is costing about 50,000 jobs a month. >> it is creating political turmoil on capitol hill. pressure to tap into the petroleum reserve, as they battle the budget. republicans say that offshore
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drilling is the solution. >> supply is the key, let's start with domestic supply and to mitigate prices that way. >> president obama is hesitant. analysts say that it is not necessary yet. >> we have only 2% of the world's oil resources. it is easier to decrease the amount we use than to dramatically increase our supply. >> it could soon use part of its demand. people will look to public transportation. >> i will start thinking about writing -- riding a bike. >> averaging $3.70 this spring, spilling over $4 this summer. imagine paying $5.39 for a gallon of unleaded. that is how much it costs in orlando florida.
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it makes it a crime stopping destination. you can compare local gas prices and calculate your mileage on our web site. you can find gas prices on your cellphone by using our free android and iphone apps. libyan officials are being investigated for crimes against humanity. this is the first time the court will be investigating claims while they are occurring. some of the allegations include security forces killing unarmed protesters and air strikes on civilians. gaddafi will be held responsible for his action. >> a 30-year-old is charged with stabbing 17-year-old ronald gibbs and his sister over the weekend. she suffered a cut to the on, he later died at the hospital.
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they believe he was trying to break up a fight between the two. baltimore county police have charged irvin winfrey with rape . were2 and 14 year olds missing for over 24 hours. we have an update. fire officials say 13-year-old girl was taken to a hospital after flames red through her home. the sky team was over the scene. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> a maryland congressman is looking to curb the protests at funerals. he officially filed legislation tonight that would prohibit protests five hours before a military funeral, during the funeral, and for five hours after.
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the westboro baptist church stirred controversy. >> i think it allows for reasonable restrictions. that is all i am doing. >> current law prohibits one hour before or after funerals. >> prospective home buyers -- >> they are backing eight sweeping 17-year tax credit for people that renovate and move into vacant homes. it is generating some very powerful opposition. >> at the mayor is applauding the effort to bring attention to the vacant housing problem, but she calls the bill redundant. he believed it creates a chance to rebuild troubled
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neighborhoods by making it affordable for low-wage workers. 16,000 vacant houses according to mayor stephanie rollins- blake. >> and there is some much wealth that has been lost by homeowners because of the decrease in value. >> it would provide a huge incentive for those willing to buy and live in vacant homes. >> it is designed to focus specifically on those communities that are distressed by abandoned and vacant properties. >> it starts homebuyers out with a pass on property taxes. a 100% property tax credit for five years.
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it drops 50% for the next decade, and 16% in the seventeenth year of home ownership. >> be simplest form is rebuilding our communities block by block. >> it is a bit redundant when you look at the programs we have in place, particularly when you look at the use, the number of people that take advantage. we don't have an overwhelming number of individuals with this is targeted. >> that program streamlines the sale of homes but providing no minimum bid at auctions. >> since we announced the initiative, we have sold more in the three are four months that have come after the announcement and we did all of
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last year. we know that we are addressing the needs of the market. >> the city estimates there are over 1000 vacant properties in the area. you can learn more about that bill and the whole initiative at >> also in annapolis, the mayor kolkhoz on incentives for criminals to use guns. lawmakers take up same-sex marriage, and a controversial measure to make using a cell phone while driving a primary offense. >> the proposed bill will require stores to charge customers a nickel for the use of plastic and paper bags. >> maryland would become the first state to adopt a disposable bad feet.
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it is not a new debate. proponents say the bill goes too far. some liquor store managers bring their own bags. others prefer plastic. lawmakers are considering a bill that would charges customers and customers statewide 5 cents per bag. eric is all for it. >> people have to pay a little bit for the bags. >> and listen to testimony for and against the senate bill this afternoon. the bill allows stores to charge customers 5 cents for all disposable carry out bags. a portion of the revenue would go to the chesapeake bay trust and environmental projects. an environmentalist testified in support of the bill today. the flimsy bags are a major source of pollution and a public health concern.
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>> they are made from petroleum, said there is a chemical product that breaks down and makes its way into our drink the water -- drinking water. fees butsn't charge encourages customers to recycle. we found shoppers with a lot of plastic bags in a lot of opinions. >> it is hub to the store. -- up to the store. >> i might run back and get the bag if idea that it was 5 cents. >> there is a similar bill in the house. they have initiated a bag a fee in january. they will be slapped with fines ranging to $500 for repeat violations.
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>> a special honor to the senator barbara mikulski. she is one of 11 women that will be inducted between timber 30 and october 1. she is known for being the longest serving women in the history of the u.s. senate. >> a study found 66% of folks speak in school zones. a new push for speed cameras. >> the fight to and distracted driving. >> and a destination list is expanding. >> and a flood watch in effect for our region with a big storm coming in. we will see how that impacts the area.
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>> cuba will be added to the destination list, it is among several new markets approved for charter services to cuba by customs and border protection. service had been limited to airports in miami, los angeles, and the new york. the county executive wants to install speed cameras in school zones following the results of the year-long study that found more than half of the drivers speeding in school zones. many of them are in favor. it will be held april 20 at 7:30 in the evening.
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>> and dozens of local high school students joined in the fight to and distracted driving. he asked students to submit their own public service announcements to stay focused behind the wheel. the top entries were awarded tonight. these of the first-place winners. you can view the entire video at >> the great recession of the past couple of years has scuttled many projects around the country. >> 11 news eye-tieam looked at -- -eye-team looks at the controversy. >> id has dominated 20 acres of baltimore since the 1950's.
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16 state agencies are here, most are outdated, dingy offices. they are announced by different governor in a very different time. march of 2006 when the economy was coming. -- humming. april 2008, it started to stall. governor o'malley drove the plan forward. >> you can live, work, play -- >> out went victims of financial problems. she is waiting to break ground. >> there is a lot of work to be done. >> it has flown under the public's radar. the plan has been approved by
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the state's board of public works, but nagging questions and controversy remains. >> what has happened here is an eye opener. i hope that people look at it. >> in december, they suited to ditch the project claiming procurement rules were not followed. they say it poses an unfair competition to the business district. as proposed, it will become a tenant in the project and continue to own the land and collect $125,000 a year. they will lease the new office space to the bill. to work anymore. >> the plan gives the state of the best bang for its buck by overhauling the buildings that are there now and adding office and retail spaces, turning the site into a transit-oriented,
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friendlier neighbor. >> there is an awful lot of the economic engine to these neighborhoods in the cultural arts district that would drive the development. this will be a community of choice. >> they are anxious for the project to start. >> when you look at what happens 5:00 in ther afternoon, it is dead. >> of this community deserves world-class facilities. >> of the state goes a non- partisan department of legislative services has pushed for a different idea to renovate the existing space itself. this is lowest cost option. instead, it opted to become a tenant at have taxpayers pay rent to the private developer. the base rent of $25.85 per
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square foot. the rate jumps to just shy of $37 a square foot. >> we look at not having a trash can anywhere on site. >> only they can command rent that high. by contrast, it is the state- owned world trade center that is $25 a square foot. they agreed to a 20-year lease with no termination clause. such terms they claim give the developer and unfair business edge when it comes to financing. >> he can't be terminated. >> ability 3500 state employees, that number needed to justify the space. the state goes to work force has been shrinking.
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it might not have been part of the thinking when the economy was so strong. the number of positions at five of the biggest agencies has dropped since 2007 by 10%. one part of the current work force is leaving. the health department's lab is moving across town to shore up another project around john hopkins. >> it makes no difference to us. we would like the presence of the 3500 individuals. >> is critical to the linchpin of this whole -- and they are the anchor. >> it might require the state to put more employees out of the downtown business district. already suffering. >> my client believe it is incredibly ill-advised to inject a million and a half square feet into a marketplace that has no demand for it. >> in calls for two new buildings.
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updating the existing buildings is scheduled to come later. the plans have yet to be approved. i'm jane miller. >> it will generate property tax revenue for the city. the collection of taxes from the site now. it will go off to paying a tax subsidy. -- it will go to paying off a tax subsidy. >> nothing in the precip column so far, but that will change tomorrow, thursday, and friday. temperatures today a little below normal. at 49 degrees at the inner harbor. it can get quite warm, 83 the record high. you can still get some arctic air through this part of the world at this time of year. look at all the rain to the west
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of us. there is no on the west side of this. first, you're going to start with the white part coming up to the ohio valley. friday, we might get on the cold side where we see some wet snow. from severe thunderstorms in the south and snow on the north, we are under a flood watch for all of central and western maryland. already some flooding going on with more wet weather coming in. increasing thickening clouds.
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high-pressure leaving the floor around brings moisture off of the ocean. you can find those moisture sources and you have plenty of water to work with. this will be producing some severe weather on the gulf coast tonight. all of that comes through. some of the cold will come in. by tomorrow, into thursday morning, it could get heavier. it looks like two or 3 inches of rain. some of that tries to sneak east of baltimore. this whole system could end with wet snow on friday. the small craft advisory expected late in the day as the winds began the custom to 25 knots. a mixed bag to start.
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they could see some snow accumulation as the storm is departing thursday night into friday. 45, the rain may take a little bit longer to work even on the lower eastern shore. heavy rain on thursday again. a high of 55, when snow on friday clearing in the afternoon. another little temples with rain or snow showers. it looks relatively dry. >> and they put in their longest day of negotiations yet. how does it lead the progress? >> let's see if we can make you
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>> now, 11 sports. >> no sign of derek lee. he said the team will send its new first baseman to a specialist to look at the right wrist that has bothered him and kept him out of the lineup. better news from the orioles from the pitching mound. delivering a pair of scoreless innings today. [inaudible] quite so well. brian howard, the big hitting lefty. he is pitching for the first time since last week, all in all saying that he felt pretty good. field,n't keep up on the they lose this afternoon, 4-3 the final score.
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they continue to push forward at the negotiating table. they had their longest session so far today. they negotiated for 9.5 hours. they also hired an investment banker to review the financials. they continue to push the lead to open its books. -- league to open its books. they think that they can get a deal done this week. i asked if you thought friday's deadline will extend a lockout or get a deal done? some positive sentiment, we will have a deal by friday. the owners know how much is at stake. what company shows its employees the books? tired of hearing about lockouts, settle your differences. you are all ridiculously rich at the end of the day. that is the overriding sentiment. staying in the nfl is the only thing harder than making it in
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the nfl. he decides he wants to return after he retired. the 36-year-old retired after the 2006 season. it might be a need for money. he had an alleged affair with an intern and lost his job at the today show. they will lead one of their biggest weekends in years. an 18-13 record, 7-9 in the acc. not quite mission impossible, they will either win or sit out the second time in four years. >> i think everyone had their moments this year. hours came this past week, and it is up to us to rally and play well.
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it happened to be the ac tournament. >> the car around, the weather is never si
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>> here comes a bunch of rain starting tomorrow afternoon and into friday where it might end with a flurry or a social hour. >> why not?
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>> and jay leno as of next. a
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